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[QUIZ] What Is Your Fitness Phenotype?

The key to getting fit actually has less to do with your diet
and exercise routine than you think…

Discover the real reason you fell short on your fitness and weight-loss goals…

After working in the health and fitness industry for almost 15 years, I feel like I’ve just about seen it all.

Crash diets, electronic gadgets, weight-loss contraptions, bizarre exercise routines, cleanses, detoxes, the list goes on and on.

And I get asked all the time: do these things work?

The answer might actually surprise you. I usually say ‘Yes, that could work, but…’

I say this because I know the real key to getting fit at any age. And you can do it with virtually any healthy diet and exercise routine. I’ve helped a huge variety of people, from vegan bodybuilders to keto marathoners to folks just wanting to look good naked, meet their goals.

They all had success, and their training and eating routine didn’t matter nearly as much as this one ‘little’ thing that I’ve rarely see other health gurus talk about.

So what is that thing? It’s motivation.

What is motivating you to get healthy, lose weight, gain muscle, or extend your life?

We tend to think that getting healthy is its own motivation, but that’s just not the case for most people. We need motivational triggers that will keep us going through those lulls, slip-ups, and plateaus and get us back on track.

Dozens of studies back this up: motivation is what separates the people who crush their health goals from the people who give up.

So after realizing this, I dug into what motivates people. As you might expect, some world-class psychologists have done a lot of work on this too.

Two psychologists named Dr. Roger Reid and Dr. David Merrill created four personality phenotypes and their major motivators.

As soon as I started incorporating these phenotypes into my fitness coaching practice, my clients saw dramatically better results. I could finally find what truly motivated people to reach their weight loss goals.

And now I’ve adapted the Merill-Reid personality test so that you can see your fitness phenotype too.

So, are you ready to see what will truly motivate you to get fit? Take the 1-minute quiz below to find out…

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