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Please watch this quick video from Cofounder and Certified Nutritionist Kriss Berg:

Healthy Living,  was founded upon the belief that we can thrive at any age with natural remedies.

All of us at Healthy Living have had stubborn health issues that western medicine just couldn’t resolve.  Nearly every single one of those issues was helped with natural remedies, and now we want to offer those remedies to our clients.

The status quo isn’t working for most people. The health care system is broken, and Americans want to take their health into their own hands.  Western medicine isn’t the ‘enemy’ but it’s shortcomings are our main focus and why we started Healthy Living.

With thoroughly researched solutions, we create new options for Americans to experience the freedom they deserve!  Freedom to live a happy, comfortable, pain- and disease-free life.

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Please join us!

Our Team:

Kriss Berg, Cofounder: Self Reliance and Herbal Remedy Expert, Certified Nutritionist.  Kriss lives off the grid with his wife in the mountains of Colorado.  He likes to spend his time researching and experimenting with herbal remedies.  He prides himself on being completely self-reliant and loves to teach others to be the same.

Chaz Shively, Cofounder: Operations Manager and Home Remedy Researcher.  Chaz grew up in a family of medical doctors but chose to devote his life to helping people naturally.  Chaz enjoys digging deep into the history books and natural medical journals for real solutions to today’s medical issues without Big Pharma and chemicals.

Dr. Patrick Conrad – Medical Doctor and Advisor.  Dr. Conrad has been a medical doctor for close to 20 years in the Florida panhandle.  Dr. Conrad knows that nature holds the answer to many of our medical issues and loves to help people feel and look better naturally.  See his Health Grades profile here.

Dr. Ralph LaGuardia has been in private practice in Connecticut for over 25 years. He is triple specialized in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics and Geriatrics. In addition to which he practices Integrative Medicine, which is the combination of the best of traditional western medicine with alternative and complementary medical techniques. He has a special interest in nutrition and sustainable gardening and permaculture, which he practices on his Connecticut farm. Dr. LaGuardia also has a strong interest in minerals, trace elements, amino acids and their application in medical practice. He has developed a unique method of treating his patients combining all those elements that have proven to be quite effective.

Dr. Michele Burklund

Dr. Burklund attended Medical School at the prestigious Bastyr University, a leader in evidence-based medicine combined with natural health, where she obtained unparalleled insights into how to optimize the human potential, the intelligence of nature, and how to apply the ancient Hippocratic philosophy within the context of modern medicine.

After her initial 14 years of formal university education, she went on to further study nutritional biochemistry, medical detoxification, immunology, botanical pharmacognosy, medical herbalism endocrinology, neurology, meditation, and the mind-body connection.

Dr. Burklund has conducted award winning research on herbal remedies for brain health, gives speeches for prominent universities including UCLA, and writes for national magazines including Better Nutrition, Amazing Wellness, and Nourish & Heal. She’s regularly featured in the media as a wellness expert, and still remains an avid researcher in the clinical applications of botanicals and the power of mind-body medicine. Visit drmicheleburklund.com to learn more.

Barbara Smith – Customer Service Queen.  Barbara also loves helping people with everything from order fulfillment to billing questions.  She also resolved many of her own health issues, including a blood sugar problem and insomnia, using the Healthy Living Association’s own natural remedies.

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