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American Natural Superfood Affiliate Asset Page


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Here’s everything you need to get starting promoting the weight loss offer.

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RE: [FirstName] Your Order Will Be Canceled


We have reserved ONE free sample of American Natural Superfood for everyone on our list.

The problem is people are ordering 3, 4, even 10 samples for friends and family.

So we’re quickly running out of free samples of this revolutionary superfood.

Please go here before it’s too late and claim your free 3-day supply.

If you don’t I’ll have to cancel your order and give it to someone else.

Don’t wait GO HERE NOW.


[Sign Off]


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RE: MD reveals new recipe for shedding fat + all-day energy ****

My friend Dr. Conrad just released a new recipe that really has gone viral on the web.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to

To do it Dr. Conrad discovered there’s one key ingredient that 99.9% of supplements and greens mixes ignore.

This secret ingredient is a key building block of a fat-burning diet (and life itself for that matter).

But the natural health industry has largely ignored this ingredient.

To see the recipe, and how it can radically change your health for the better CLICK HERE.




PS: You can try this incredible recipe for yourself FREE by going here.


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RE: [FACT CHECK] 99% Of green drinks are missing this ingredient…

You’ve made the sacrifices.

Tossed out your favorite foods and maybe even tried to force fed yourself that awful tasting weight loss drink you heard about.

Now you’ve hit a wall with your weight loss and wondering “what’s the point?”

That’s because when you go on a diet, your body reacts but then it get’s used to it.

Unless you’re getting enough of this ingredient.

When you start taking something with a high level of ______ you force your metabolism to work over-time.

Even if you’re just sitting on the couch watching TV.

That’s why I fact checked the ingredients (and ridiculous claims) of some of the health drinks on the market. I was stunned to find that almost all of them were missing it.

I was also a little relieved because I based my entire American Superfood formula around it.

Click here to see what the ingredient is and what it can do for you.




P.S. Read this and find out why it’s so important. When you do, I’ll put my money where my mouth is and let you try it for free. And I mean “for real” free. Not buy something and then get something free. Click here to see what I mean.


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