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While your order is processing, I want to congratulate you on your decision to order Weight Loss God’s Way. You’ve made a fantastic decision today and your body, your spirit, and your mind, will thank you.

Now before we complete your order, I want to make you a very special offer that you will only see on this page.

I get a lot of feedback about my program, and the overwhelming majority of it is very, very positive.

But I have been getting a few angry emails lately.

They all say the same thing:

“Dr. Frank I love the program, but I HATE e-books!”

I hear you loud and clear. In fact I get frustrated with ebooks from time to time too.

So I came up with a package for folks just like you that want something they can hold in their hand.

It’s the Weight Loss God’s Way
Platinum Package.

And it’s your today for 50% off list price:
Just $49 Today Only
You’ll get Weight Loss God’s Way delivered to your door PLUS These Amazing BONUSES:

Weight Loss God’s Way

214 Pages which includes:

Arrow Your Success Journal
Arrow Quick Start Guide
Arrow Complete Daily Plan for 7 Weeks
Arrow Success Exercises (mental and physical!)
Arrow Health Eating Options
Arrow So much more!
Over the years my most successful clients have discovered that there are a few things that really help push them toward losing weight FOREVER.
These include stories from other successful clients, fitness secrets, and a more tips and tricks to renew your mind and spirit.
So I’ve compiled them all here in these incredible hard copy bonuses that I’ll include FREE in your Weight Loss God’s Platinum Package:
Free Bonus #1: The Hidden Secrets of Lifelong Fitness
Arrow 165 pages of recipes, physical exercises, and health tips
Free Bonus #2: Real Client Letters
Arrow 135 pages of real client letters that will guide you and inspire you on your journey
Free Bonus #3: The Life and Love Assessment
Arrow 10 page quiz that will help you identify WHY you are struggling with certain things in your life and show you a path toward a healthy, happy life with God at your side
Free Bonus #4: The 21 Hidden Keys To Success God’s Way
Arrow 12 pages of hidden secrets to embracing God’s plan for your life!
Free Bonus #5: 10 Power Steps to Powerful Life Change
Arrow 10 steps to powerful, lasting life change with God’s help!
Free Surprise Bonus!
Arrow Natural Health Secrets from the Bible Hard Copy (normally $49 by itself!)Discover the key to curing the world’s most deadly diseases with the help of God’s Word.

Did you know that hidden in the pages of the Bible are the cure to these diseases:

Arrow Alzheimer’s Disease
Arrow Cancer
Arrow Diabetes
Arrow Heart Disease
Arrow And dozens of other scary and deadly diseases?


Discover which gift from the Wisemen sooths joint pain, how Jesus’ crown of thorns could prevent a heart attack, and the Biblical diet that the longest-living people on the planet are eating to this day.
Plus I’ll throw in these amazing bonuses with your Natural Health Secrets from the Bible Book:
Arrow The Lord’s Cookbook
Arrow Prayer for Healing
Arrow Food and Health Journal
Arrow Natural Herbal Home Remedies
Arrow Detoxify Your Body


All the Physical books are FREE if you upgrade today.
Plus my 365 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And it’s all backed by my no-strings-attached, 365-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. Just contact me at [email protected] or call 1-800-599-3104 and I’ll return your money right away.


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