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What’s Going to Die First?

This is Dr. Frank, and I have three very important questions for
you in this week’s Wei.ght Loss God’s Way Messenger.

Question #1: How much longer do you expect to be on the planet?

Another 50 years? More than that?

Maybe just 10 or 20 years? Maybe less?

Before your physical body dies, one of two things within you will
probably also die:

Either your dreams of weight loss victory will die….

…or the “self-sabotaging beliefs” that are keeping your dreams
from coming true will die.

So my next question is, which of those two things will die first in

My third question is, did you know that YOU get to decide?

OK, why am I asking these questions? Why am I even bringing up this
touchy subject?

Because, as a wise person once said, “This is not a dress
rehearsal. This is your LIFE.”

Now let’s relate that powerful message to the point at hand.

If you are still dreaming of getting to your healthiest weight, but
you keep on failing, it means only one thing.

It means that your dreams of success AND the self-sabotaging
beliefs that have kept you from reaching them are both alive within
you — and both are still fighting for control.

And that’s a problem. Because it not only keeps you overweight, but
it also makes your life a battle zone.

Of course, when you die, both your dreams of success and your
self-sabotaging beliefs will die with you. And the entire issue
will no longer be a problem.

But for however many more years you’re going to be on the planet,
you will have the opportunity to DO something about this problem.

And what you do (or don’t do) is going to have a dramatic impact
on your health, your happiness, and the condition of the body
— the Temple — that you call home.

So what will you do? Will you find and eliminate the
self-sabotaging beliefs that for so long have kept you from
enjoying the success you really want?

Or will you dreams of victory gradually wither and die…as you
suffer an endless stream of setbacks and failures caused by toxic,
self-sabotaging beliefs that have been crammed down your throat
by a crazy, soulless world?

Only you can decide which of those two things will ultimately
dominate your life.

How will you make that decision? By answering these two questions:

Do you believe that God put you here to live out your days in
suffering, confusion, and poor health?

Or do you believe — as we are told in Luke 12:32 — that “…it is
your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”?

Yes, He who made you clearly wants you to “have it all!”

But are you expecting Him to drop it into your lap? Are you waiting
for God to solve your weight problem for you?

You will have a very long wait, because God doesn’t make us
overweight, and He won’t make us thinner. But He will absolutely
support OUR actions to make that happen.

Are you waiting for Jesus to intervene and mystically remove your
cravings so you will start eating in a healthy way? Again, you are
going have a very long wait.

Because that’s just not how He works.

You see, God has ALREADY given you the power and the tools
you  need to solve your weight problem for yourself. The only thing
you’re lacking is the “know-how” — because you’re still suffering
the effects of lifetime of exposure to the world’s misinformation.

I hope and pray it’s clear to you by now that diets don’t work. And
if you have read any of my materials, you also know why diets don’t

But most important, you are now learning what DOES work. You are
now learning that it’s not WHAT you eat, but WHY you eat that
causes your weight problem.

You are learning that weight loss success is not about what goes on
your plate — it’s about what goes on between your ears.

In every message I send, I hope you are learning more about how to
solve your weight problem once and for all — at it’s ROOT.

And it’s really a pretty simple process. It consists of…

(a) getting crystal clear that your own self-sabotaging beliefs are
the problem,
(b) putting in the time to ID those self-sabotaging beliefs,
(c) creating healthy, self-supportive “replacement” beliefs, and
(d) operating on those new beliefs long enough for them to become

That’s how you replace a bad habit with a good one! But again,
God is not going to do it for you.

We are told to “cast our cares and worries on the Lord.” And that’s
exactly what we should be doing. But only our cares and worries! We
are not told to cast onto God the responsibility for the condition
of our bodies and our lives. That’s OUR job!

The same God who created us and put us here also gave US our own
creative powers far beyond anything most of us will ever tap into.

Why won’t we tap into them? Not because we are powerless, but
because we have no clue how powerful God has made us!

A central part of my mission is to help you discover your own
tremendous God-given powers, and USE them — first to heal your own
life, and then to help heal the lives of those around you.

How do you get started? By getting a good clear handle on what’s
really at stake here: Your life!

Is this week’s message too serious? A bummer? A downer?

I guess you could see it that way if you wanted to.

But my hope and prayer is that you will, instead, see it as a
wake-up call — a call to action!

I have sent you this challenging message because it’s that
important, and because YOU are that important.

This is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about. And if it’s not to your
liking, you can FIX it!

But first you must understand that this world around you has
crammed you full of lies. The world has tried to hide from you the
truth of who you are and what you can do — and you have been
paying a terrible price ever since.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Shake yourself out of your worldly slumber! Discover your God-given

Make your body — and your life — as YOU want them to be!

You have the power, you have the right…and you now have the

So, will you choose to make you dreams push those toxic beliefs out
of your life?

Peace be with you, and may God bless your success!

“Dr. Frank”



Dr. Frank Smoot
[email protected]

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