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Sleep Quiz: 1 Minute Quiz Reveals What’s Really Causing Those Sleepless Nights

Plus: A Simple 3-Step Plan To Dramatically Improve Sleep In A Few Days

Hi, I’m Dr. Ralph La Guardia, MD. I’ve been practicing family medicine, with an emphasis and natural health solutions, for over 35 years.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve noticed a drastic increase in patients complaining about getting poor sleep. Now, most doctors would simply prescribe a sleep drug like Ambien and shuffle you out the door.

That’s not what I do though. I attack my patients’ health problems at their source, not the symptoms.

And so over the last few years, I’ve developed a system for first identifying, and then solving core sleep issues with a quick six-question quiz. And I’ve noticed that all my patients that complain of poor sleep fall into one of 4 categories.

So take the 1-minute quiz below, and then I’ll email you an easy, customized 3-step sleep plan that will have you sleeping like a rock in no time.

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