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American Natural Super Collagen helps skin restoration, smooth skin, and strong hair and nails. (Plus its Keto-Friendly with ZERO carbs)!

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What’s So Great About Collagen?

  • Helps Restore Skin

Collagen is the most common protein in the body.

It does everything from keeping your skin smooth and lustrous to helping your joints move smoothly.

But as we age, this collagen breaks down and causes your skin to become loose and wrinkly.

By replacing the collagen in your body, studies show you can restore that youthful skin.

  • Great For Hair & Nails

Many of our clients report that their hair and skin look better than they have in years.

Science backs this up.

Your hair and skin are primarily made up of collagen, and restoring this protein in your body can bring back lustrous hair and strong, healthy nails.

One study showed that women taking the active ingredient in our collagen experienced 42% less nail breakage.

  • Supports Weight Loss

Because collagen is a protein, adding it to your coffee or morning beverage can help you feel fuller for longer.

It can also help retain lean muscle mass and supports a healthy digestive tract, which has been shown to aid in weight loss.

We Offer The ONLY Lifetime Guarantee In The Industry

True Stories, Real Results

“Love it!”

“I have been using my American Natural Super Collagen for a month and a half and I really like it and I have noticed that I am losing weight from using the product.

I have felt a little better with my joints moving better too and a little more energy to do things too.”

– Debra Farley

“I was so sick of things that didn’t work!”

“I was really skeptical when my hair dresser recommended this collagen but after I tried it my hair, skin and nails are the best they’ve ever been. My digestion is so good, I feel like I’ve had a makeover on my stomach too. I’ve even lost a few pounds!!

I recommend it to all my friends!”

– Cat Stone

“I absolutely love this product!"

“I’m really enjoying my collagen, feeling better, looking better, and lost a few pounds too. So glad I discovered it!

My joints feel great at 64 and my skin, hair and nails are better than they’ve been in years.

The taste is good, I don’t really notice it in my morning coffee.

But I won’t have coffee without it now that I know how well it works!”

– Charlotte Holley

True Stories, Real Results

“My clinic is focused on getting to the root cause of my patients issues, instead of treating symptoms.

I created this formula when I realized two things:

1. My patients were struggling with signs of aging, leaky gut, and joint discomfort.

2. A natural, complete collagen + biotin formula could help relieve all these issues.

That’s why I created American Super Collagen with the help of the Healthy Living Association.

I’ve had tremendous results with my patients with this formula and I hope you’ll try it for yourself.”

– Dr. Michele Burklund

Dr. Michele Burklund earned her Medical Degree from Bastyr University, the World’s leading Medical School focused on cutting edge science and natural health.

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