The Many Benefits of Turmeric

The Many Benefits of Turmeric

In Asia, turmeric is an herb with medical and religious properties. It is grown naturally throughout the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia.. This is a yellow herbaceous plant of the ginger family that has been used in Indian, Pakistani and Chinese cuisine for centuries. In the West, it is becoming increasingly popular as a part of integrating Eastern and Western diets with modern medicine.

The Many Benefits of Turmeric

Recently, it has been shown to have numerous benefits that can help to improve your overall health and prevent a number of different conditions. The most notable include: as a safe anti inflammatory agent, it is an effective treatment for bowel disease, it offers relief for rheumatoid arthritis and in cancer prevention. This is from turmeric possessing several different properties that improve your health and its helps numerous areas of the body to function more effectively.

Turmeric contains a substance known as curcumin. This is an anti oxidant that is an effective anti inflammatory agent by: reducing your ulcer formations, decreasing the white blood cell count and intestinal bleeding. At the same time, it can treat irritable bowels and calm the digestive system. For those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, this decreases the amounts of free radicals. It serves as an anti inflammatory agent where large numbers of free radicals have been shown to contribute to joint inflammation and damage. In the case of cancer, curcumin protects the DNA from free radical damage. This is where mutations will occur  on the cellular level that contributes to the growth of tumors. Turmeric, is instrumental in preventing these conditions by serving as a safeguard against the development free radicals. This improves your underlying levels of health and it allows you to combat the root causes of these diseases early on.

The Consumption of Turmeric

There are many different ways to consume turmeric. The most notable include: adding it to food, consuming it with beverages and taking various supplements. These choices will allow you to create a customizable approach that fits your tastes and lifestyle choices.

In many cases, turmeric is included as a part of the food you eat. This is accomplished by mixing it with certain dishes such as: scrambling it with eggs / tofu, tossing it with roasted vegetables / salads, sautéing it with green vegetables and using it in soups. These choices offer you the ability to add it as a part of your daily dietary consumption in select quantities.  Another option, is to consume turmeric in various juices, smoothies or teas. This means that it can be taken on the go and when you are relaxing. The third choice is to consume it as a supplement on daily basis. This will give you the same dosage as the other options without having to include it in any food or beverages. As a result, the way it is consumed will largely depend upon your personal tastes and lifestyle choices.

Clearly, turmeric is a unique substance which can prevent and address various health related conditions. It offers numerous choices for consumption and can be adjusted to numerous lifestyle choices. These factors are beneficial for you by preventing and reversing some of the most common conditions that affect older adults. Over the course of time, these are critical factors for maintaining and improving your health on the cellular level.


  1. Frederick, Lincoln NEB

    August 23, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    I saw an article that said tumeric also protects against the horrible side-effects of radiation treatments for cancer patients and against radiation poisoning in general. -F in Lincoln

  2. Sara Ned

    October 12, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Been drinking turmeric as a great alternative to coffee. It tastes great when you mix it with honey.

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