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I want to offer you the opportunity to change your health and your life forever.

Now You Can Say Goodbye to Disease, Illness, and Big Pharma With the Greatest Book on Natural Healing Ever Written.
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  • Are you frustrated by endless doctor’s appointments and ZERO results?
  • Are you literally sick from taking countless medications that are supposed to fix side effects created by OTHER medications?
  • Are you breaking the bank to pay for medications that are barely effective and possibly deadly?

Then you need this incredible 900 page book.

How would you like to:

  • Extend your life naturally?
  • Restore your youthful energy and health?
  • Discover hundreds of natural ways to treat and cure nearly any disease?
  • Say goodbye to the poisonous and addictive drugs of Big Pharma forever?

Written by Dr. Ralph La Guardia, this is culmination of a life’s work in healing.

Here’s what’s included in this incredible health guide:

  • The natural mineral that will keep you off your expensive and dangerous diabetes prescriptions. Many report having an easier time keeping healthy blood sugar levels when using it.
    Page 698*
  • How to “infection-proof” your body. These health secrets will make your body resistant to almost any infection.
    Page 33
  • How to maximize the effects of your vitamins and supplements. 99% of users make this mistake and miss out on all the benefits of their supplements.
    Page 124
  • Millions died during the Spanish Flu of 1918 but Native Americans were mysteriously immune. One incredibly strong antiviral plant was the secret. Find it on
    Page 789


  • Safe, natural ways to treat nearly every disease, injury and condition – without prescription medications and their side effects.*
  • How to grow the most nutritious foods without dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.
    Page 95
  • How eating the right foods can actually change how your genes function, from disease creating to disease protecting.
    Page 121
  • The vitamin you already have in your cabinet you can take to prevent the flu that is 8x more powerful than the flu vaccine – if you do it right.
    Page 414
  • The dirty secret to vibrant, long-lasting life that is right below your feet. Page 95
  • The soothing amino acid that can help lower your anxiety and depression as well as eliminate cravings for drugs and alcohol.
    Page 678
  • A weed that is the perfect food and can also make biofuel to power your car.
    Page 145
It’s all here.

Broken Into 3 Clearly Labelled Sections So You Can Access Exactly What You Need In A Few Quick Flips





The Bible of Alternative Medicine has something for everyone!Dr. Ralph clearly teaches step by step what to do when you want to heal yourself naturally.He identifies and explains what to do in those urgent care times such as fevers, head traumas, UTI’s, burns, dehydration, diarrhea, wound care, broken bones, diabetes.As a Home Care Nurse and a mother, I truly appreciate the labor of love that Dr. Ralph has put into this health guide…“*

Sharon Campbell

This book changed my life…Guys, I admit it. I was skeptical.I’ve seen numerous offers for supposedly life-changing books in the past. They always disappointed. But Dr. LaGuardia’s background as an integrated medicine practitioner intrigued me, so I decided to give it a shot.Before I bought I was battling chronic fatigue, diabetes, and a lot of pain. I felt sick and nearly dead to be honest.

That was 6 months ago. My life hasn’t been the same since. I started taking Quinton seawater as the doctor recommends.

It boosted my immune system, I haven’t been sick since I took it and I was nearly constantly sick before. I’ve used several other recommendations with great results.

My blood sugar levels are stabilized. My energy level is way better. I started growing vegetables the way the doctor recommends and have a really nice little garden that is giving me wonderful food and the mild exercise my doctor recommends.

I have to tell you, and this is from someone that thinks a lot of things on the internet are pure BS, I passed this along to all my friends and family. This is legitimate and I’m very happy to recommend it. Thank you Dr. LaGuardia and everyone else, you have a fan for life”*

Bob Murphy

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