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ASF – Superpack Upsell from Sample pack CB

Self-Reliance Association

Warning: Do Not Close

I want to congratulate you on your decision to order American Natural Superfood.

You’ve made a fantastic decision today and your body — and your waistline — will thank you.

Now before we complete your order,
I want to make you a very special, one-time offer that you will only see on this page.

Because of the high demand for American Natural Superfood and the major media exposure we’ve gotten recently, this will be the only time you ever see it.

After all, for best results you need to take American Natural Superfood every day.

Because American Natural Superfood is not available in stores and you won’t be able to get additional bags until sometime next year when it’s released to the general public at $100 per bag, we wanted to help.

Yes, we’ve seen this happen so many times, it’s become expected:Someone just like you orders our samples of American Natural Superfood.

You start to take it every day.

You love the taste and notice the effects quickly.

And you wish you would have gotten a month’s supply…or more

You start losing weight, getting your youthful energy back, start feeling young again, and then after a few days, you run out of American Natural Superfood.

And when you do run out it may take a few days for it to work its way out of your system and start feeling sluggish, heavy, and ‘old’ again. And then you’ll be wondering, “Why didn’t I order a month’s supply of American Natural Superfood?

He forgot to order more Superfood!

I wanted to create a program that was better than everything else out there.

I checked other mixes out there and was stunned at the prices they were asking!

  • Most were missing protein, so I immediately dismissed them. Protein is critical. “Just greens” won’t cut it.
  • Some of them had a few of the critical ingredients we had but were significantly more expensive.
  • Others were in our price range, but they were LOADED with sugar (that’s a quick way to put on weight, feel tired, and have poor memory) and had HALF of the vital nutrients we have!
  • We have ZERO sugars in our mix!

Just looks at this comparison chart!

NOTE: NO ONE uses the same scientifically formulated mix of essential nutrients and supplements that we do!
So we’re not going to charge:

$127 for a month’s supply like the famous Athletic Greens (that’s $4.23/serving and doesn’t even include protein!)

Nor $73.75/month like Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein (that’s $2.46 per serving! and has lots more sugars, and no veggies, no healthy and cleansing grasses, no probiotics..the list goes on..)

Because the good doctor and I wanted to make something healthy and affordable:

I’m going to send you all this:
A 3 month supply, PLUS one FREE bag, PLUS FREE bonuses


For one month’s supply (28 servings, 32 oz, which is TWO POUNDS) of delicious and complete protein-and-greens, in one delicious vanilla-flavored drink.

PLUS, normally, I charge an additional $9.95 for shipping and handling, but I’m going to waive that TODAY ONLY.

Oh, and don’t worry, you’re backed by our rock-solid, 100% money-back guarantee.


PLUS, I’m throwing in these FREE bonuses:


FREE American Superfood Shaker (normally $9.95)

This FREE shaker allows you to:SHAKER -sm

  • Put in one scoop of American All-Natural Superfood
  • Whichever liquid you prefer: water, almond milk, milk
  • Lightly shake and mix.

The “mixer ball” inside does all the hard work for you, easily blending the mix into a smooth, delicious shake.

This is perfect for when you’re on the go, driving, or even heading into the outdoors.

Bonus #2: FREE Ebook
American Natural Superfood Meal Plan
and Nutrition Guide (normally $27)
Bonus #3: FREE Ebook
American Natural Superfood Exercise and Fitness Guide (normally $27)


That’s $63.95 worth of free bonuses!

It’s all included when you upgrade your order today.
No need to enter your credit card details again, just click the button below to add to your order!

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WAIT! Before you say no just read a REAL EMAIL from a customer we got just the other day:


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