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American All-Natural Superfood Discounted Offer

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Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our amazing superfood supplement.

I know you’re probably skeptical about the health benefits we claim.  Or maybe your short on money this month.  Maybe you’re just not convinced that something that healthy can actually taste good!

We hear you loud and clear.  So just for today’s visitors we’re going to send you a sample pack so you can decide for yourself if this superfood is life-changing.

You can still easily:

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  • Take advantage of one of the most effective diet systems for weight loss
  • Regain your youthful energy so you have the freedom to do what you want to do
  • Eat healthy, delicious proteins and vital nutrients for a fraction of the cost of buying these foods separately
  • Maintain a healthy heart, cholesterol levels and blood insulin levels naturally
  • Strengthen your immune system so you can avoid getting sick
  • Regain your mental clarity


[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]But Don’t Take My Word for How Amazing This Superfood Really Is…[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Here’s what some of our most recent customers had to say…

[testimonial2 author=”Marcia Turner, TX” + pic=””]get-five-star-reviews_Fotor
“Love this!

Ever since I used protein drinks 8 years ago to lose weight, I’ve loved the convenience of making a snack (or even a meal if I really am not interested in cooking) with protein powder. And I’ve continuously refined my choice in clean protein. I always keep some powder in my car to mix with my ever-present water.

We have considered protein powder the perfect source in a crisis, no animals or even beans to grow, care for, feed, worry @ weather etc etc.

…I’m especially happy to see all the additional elements added. We use a lot of those now but it’s a lot of different containers, with different exp dates and # of servings.

I love math but I don’t want to spend that much time managing powders!

Thank you.”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Gale Dufresne, FL” + pic=””]get-five-star-reviews_Fotor
“Hi  Chris,  I just tried my superfood drink and was very happy with the taste.

I drink another green juice every day, but it does not have the protein in it so this will be even better. I want to be healthy and lose weight so hope this is going to help with both. Thanks, ”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Frank Davis” + pic=””]get-five-star-reviews_Fotor

“Yep getting great results…especially the energy boost has helped tremendously cut back on coffee…from around 3 cups to 1….looking to cut out that last cup too…

And have actually noticed a 3 lb weight loss even just using the sample for a few days; my before breakfast was bagels, cream cheese and 20 ounces of coffee…

So more energy, eating better, better nutrition, sustained energy with less coffee and some weight loss….and it fills me up so yes I can say it is exceeding my expectations!



Remember 1 Serving of American All-Natural Superfood =

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  • 2 Eggs (protein)
  • 1 serving of flax, chia, and hemp seeds (omega-3’s)
  • 1/2 bottle of organic kombucha (probiotics)
  • 1 pill of digestive enzyme supplement
  • 1 pill of acerola cherry supplement
  • 1 pill of turmeric (anti-inflammatory)
  • 1 pill of milk thistle
  • 1 pill of dandelion root
  • 1 pill of CoQ10
  • 1 multivitamin with iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper
  • Organic wheat grass powder
  • Chlorella and Spirulina powder
  • Mix of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Cinnamon, ginseng, ginger, aloe vera extract[/red_tick_list]

Price today for the 1-Week Sample Pack:




For one week’s supply of delicious and complete protein-and-greens, in one drink.


…And that includes all shipping and handling!

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You can always order a large canister later!

[guarantee_box_1 title=”PLUS: My 1-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee”]

My Personal Guarantee

I know you’re a savvy individual, and you’re looking for easy ways ensure your eat healthy, delicious meals for a fraction of the price you’d spend at the grocery store.

But you want to know that there is no risk to your hard earned money before you invest in this new superfood meal system.

So I’ll do that, but I won’t just guarantee your money back if you’re not happy.  I’ll make two guarantees for you.

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  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. I’ll warranty your superfood for a FULL YEAR. If at any time you’re not happy with your mix, EVEN IF YOU DRINK ALL OF IT, just let me know and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.
  • Customer Service Guarantee. I guarantee you’ll receive the best customer service you’ve ever seen. If there are EVER any issues with billing or receiving your materials, just email me personally at [email protected] or you can call 970-367-7624, or write to me at The Self Reliance Association, 1815 Central Park Drive #358, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477.  I will get back to you always within 24 hours and usually within a couple hours.  I have been so frustrated by the decline in customer service over the years in this country, that I am determined to change it for the better for our members.[/green_tick_2_list]

So you’ll get your money back for a full year if you don’t like the superfood.

It’s all part of my guarantee, and it’s only for American All-Natural Superfood customers.

We’re also A-Rated members of the Better Business Bureau and TrustGuard – great companies that ensure consumers like yourself are protected if there are any issues.

Freedom Writers Publishing BBB Business Review

Just look for ‘Freedom Writers Publishing’ on



Now you can:

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  • Harness the weight-loss power of the hottest diet in America
  • Have more energy
  • Have more mental clarity
  • Have less pain
  • Have less inflammation


[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Don’t Wait, We Have Limited Quantities Available…And Your Health Can’t Wait Another Day[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Our first production run has been so popular that it’s nearly sold out.

We only made 500 sample packs in our initial run because getting our hands on the best ingredients we can find is a priority – and they are NOT easy to find.

But I want to get this into your hands so you can try it right away.

Simply choose which option below is best for you below to start your order TODAY.

Every day that slips by with you eating the same old processed-food and pre-packaged poison that BIG  FOOD is shoveling down your throat means another day with pain, poor health, and low energy.

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Take Control of YOUR Health and Diet NOW with Our American All-Natural SuperFood[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Look, You Could Buy ALL This:

Food to buy


Or You Could Just Take This – Easy, Economical, and Delicious:



[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Do Me and The Doc One Favor When You Get Your Superfood in the Mail…[/headline_arial_large_centered]

When you get your American All-Natural Superfood in the mail please do us one quick favor.  Try it.  Mix it with the free shaker and your favorite milk or even just water.  Then let me know what you think of it.  If it’s not one of the most delicious, most nutritious drinks you’ve ever tried I want you to let me know right away.

Your health and satisfaction is a priority for us and we want your feedback!

Even if we didn’t earn your business today, Dr. Conrad and I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read this important information.  We both hope you’ll take control of your own health the way we have.

Chris Peterson signature   Dr Signature




Chris Peterson                                                  Dr. Patrick Conrad, MD

[testimonial2 author=”Dr. Patrick Conrad” + pic=””]“I love this stuff, I go through 2 canisters a month because it’s so delicious and it makes me feel so good.  You’d be shocked at how fattening and unhealthy most hospital food is!”[/testimonial2]

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You can always order a large canister later!

P.S.Even if you’re skeptical about the medical benefits, how nice would it be to have a completely nutritious and delicious meal replacement that you can take anywhere?  Or you can stick in in your bug out bag?  Or your food hoard?  Or save it for a rainy day when you need a meal on the go and just don’t feel like going to the grocery store.  THIS is the meal replacement you’ve always needed, but never had.

P.P.S. For 90% of Americans, weight loss is simple: eat fewer calories, burn more calories.  Do that and most people can’t help but lose weight.  Now you can have the energy to be active and burn calories.  And you can eat fewer calories by replacing just one meal a day with our amazing superfood.  When you think of it this way, weight loss is pretty easy.


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[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Frequently Asked Questions[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Q: What are the ingredients in the SuperFood?

A: Here is the label from the actual product. Notice there are ZERO sugars (we have no artificial sweeteners) and 20 grams of protein!

12-3-15 Supplement Facts


Q: What do you mix the Superfood with?

A: I like to mix it with almond milk, but many of our customers use regular milk, soy milk, or even water.  Honestly, it tastes really good with any of those options.  I do suggest taking the option with the shaker. It is much easier and faster to mix the Superfood with your favorite beverage by shaking it rather than stirring it.

Q: What is the quality of your Chlorella and other ingredients?

A: Our chlorella has a partially-broken cell wall and is not high-heat treated, so it’s optimized for your digestion and nutrient absorption.  As for ALL our ingredients, we make sure to add nothing but the highest quality ingredients that can be found on the market.  Our facility is tested and inspected by the FDA 3-4 times per year to make sure that what you are getting is safe and high quality.

Q: What if I’m already taking a supplement that is in the Superfood?

A: We’re legally required to tell you to ask your doctor for more information on where you should take the superfood AND your existing supplements.  Each individual situation is different.  However the  levels in our superfood are such that taking this Superfood in addition to your regular supplements should not be harmful.

Q: Does the SuperFood contain any sugar?

A: No, our SuperFood contains ZERO sugars.  We use all natural stevia leaf extract to add just the right amount of sweetness.

Q: Does the SuperFood contain any soy, by any name?

A: No, our SuperFood contains no soy whatsoever.

Q: Does the SuperFood contain Vitamin K?

A: It basically has none. According to the National Institute of Health, daily recommended adequate intakes (AI) for adults is 120 mcg for men and 90 mcg for women. Our SuperFood contains 0.075 mcg per serving. This is less than 1/1000 of these NIH guidelines.

Q: What does ‘natural flavors’ mean in your ingredients?

A: We use natural vanilla bean flavor in the superfood.

Q: I have a food allergy, does your mixture contain gluten/soy/dairy?

A: I have a gluten intolerance as well so we made absolutely sure that there is ZERO gluten, soy, dairy, nuts and shellfish.

Q: How many servings are in one container?

A: There are 28 servings per container.

Q: Can American All-Natural SuperFood replace one or more of my meals?

A: Yes, especially if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds. Sometimes, I like just like to chew on some food also to get that satisfied feeling.  So adding some fruit, nuts or yogurt to the Superfood really hits the spot.

Q: Is American All-Natural SuperFood vegan?

A: Yes, there are no animal products in our superfood.

Have a question that we don’t answer here?  Just Email [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you!



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Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, this product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.